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Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline has delivered a standard of excellence for over a hundred years to its customers all across the Midwest. However, with growth and time, they quickly noticed that their efficiency was being hindered by an inability to find and access the information they needed in a timely fashion. As business services manager Josh Komarek put it, “We had an environment where we couldn’t always find what we needed. Security just wasn’t there. Paper records vital to running the business were not in a secure space.” The ultimate goal was to have on onsite storage solution that was accessible, organized, and protected from natural disasters.

For Southern Star, the decision to go with Tri-State Systems was a simple one. Unlike competitors, Tri-State Systems does not offer the typical cookie cutter solutions that force a client to adapt a set up that may not actually be the best for them. Komarek believes that Tri-State Systems keeps the competitive edge that allows them to customize the file management to the needs of the customer. The right product does not work for every company, and personalization is key. On top of that, Tri-State Systems has many partnerships with established service providers, as well as extensive knowledge on what needs to be done to resolve a problem.

After the installation of a high-density mobile racking system with manual turns, 15-foot high-storage, wide span racks, and open file shelving, Southern Star noticed a definitive change in productivity and operation costs. Now, the over 7,000 boxes containing files are promptly found and obtained, a much better method compared to the endless rifling through unorganized cabinets. Southern Star was also able to save tens of thousands of dollars by choosing Tri-State Systems. Without their current system, the company would have had to overspend by doubling their current building space in an attempt to securely store their vast compilation of records. Tri-State Systems solved all of Southern Star’s file management problems swiftly, using their reliable team and valuable connections.


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