Tri-State Records & Information Management (RIM) Consulting provides practical records management consulting services to companies who face risks associated with their document management processes, but who can’t justify a full-time records manager.

From helping your organization understand its legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements to streamlining document management processes and assisting in the selection and implementation of scanning and electronic document management systems, Tri-State RIM Consulting will help turn your records from a liability to an asset.

We provide RIM program gap assessments to help your organization understand its greatest risks in managing critical information assets. At your discretion, we then work closely with you to bridge those gaps to help you implement documented, repeatable processes that allow you to have a sustainable RIM program you can maintain on your own. The byproducts of a compliant records and information management program include improved employee efficiency, reduced risks in litigation and regulatory investigations, superior customer service, protection of your company brand, and value creation for shareholders.


– Records & Information Management program gap assessment

– Records management policy creation

– Records inventory and data map development

– Records retention schedule development

– Records management training

– Selection and implementation of scanning and electronic document management software

– Records program annual audits

– RIM staffing recommendations and job description development