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Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline is a leading transporter of natural gas to America’s heartland, with about 6,000 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline in the Midwest and Mid-Continent regions of the United States. The pipeline system, facilities and employees are located in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas, with headquarters in Owensboro, KY. SSCGP has provided over 100 years of continuous, quality service since our formation in 1904. Highly sought after due to consistently strong performance, desirable location in America’s heartland, and quality of service, they have been owned by various entities and undergone several name changes over the last century, but their reputation for safe, reliable quality service has remained constant. They are a locally managed private company owned by General Electric and Caisse de depot du Québec.

Tri-State Systems:

Founded in 1968, Tri-State Systems is the industry leader in hybrid records and information management with over 40 years of expertise, knowledge and strategic partnerships. Tri-State Systems has scanned millions of documents at 99.9% accuracy for various fields and maximized real estate and space by imaging files and documents and converting to digital images and electronic storage to reduce paper and boxes.


Tri-State Systems has performed multiple projects for Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline in order to convert multiple file types to easily accessible digital images, including DOT Sheets, large format DOT drawings, various sized maps from 8.5”x11” to 24”X36”, and microfilm. These projects each have their own specifications as to which department they are for, within SSCGP, as well as different naming and indexing requirements for easy and convenient searchability within the company. This can include capturing the drawing number, project number, drawing type, drawing date and department for each image. These projects included the imaging of over 14,500 large format drawings/maps, 14,000 DOT sheets, and over 12,000 standard folder level images. Our current project in process of microfilm to digital, converting both 16 and 35mm film, is estimated to image over 1.3 million images.

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