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Four drawer file cabinets were the go to solution for this client’s case files for more than a century; however, the Clerk’s Office dealt with daily issues as a result. The issues included the clumsiness of drawer files, inefficiency with accessing files, misfiles and inefficient use of valuable floor space. Like many other Clerk’s Offices these issues resulted in increased cost to maintain the mission critical records. This client did not have space for expansion despite increasing records volume and something had to be done.

The Solution: Tri-State Systems has worked with the Clerk’s office supplying file folders and services throughout the years. Tri-State Systems experts performed a thorough survey of the existing situation and developed a detailed plan for current and future records. The proposal included removing the four drawer files from the space to make way for a high-density mobile storage system. After the installation was complete, files were loaded onto open shelf case file carts and transported to the system by the installation team. The new system uses less floor space with increased storage capacity and allows for time and cost savings related to filing of records.

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